Sunday, January 6, 2008

2008 NFL Mock Draft Picks 1-10

The Miami Dolphins will make the first choice of the 2008 NFL Draft on April 26-27. The order of the first round of the 2008 Draft was announced by the NFL.

The Dolphins’ choice will be followed by the St. Louis Rams picking second and either the Atlanta Falcons or Oakland Raiders third.

Atlanta, Kansas City, and Oakland had the same strength of schedule in the 2007 season. Since Kansas City finished third in the AFC West Division and the Raiders fourth (the tie was broken on the basis of record in common games), the Raiders will draft ahead of the Chiefs. Atlanta and Oakland will flip a coin for the third position at the NFL Combine in February. If Atlanta wins, the Falcons will draft third, the Raiders fourth, and the Chiefs fifth. If the Raiders win the coin flip, they will draft third, and the Falcons and Chiefs will flip a coin to determine the fourth and fifth positions.

Though Buffalo and Denver had the same strength of schedule, they tie for the 11
th and 12th positions was broken by the conference tie-breaker. Since Denver defeated Buffalo in head-to-head competition, Buffalo is given priority in the draft order and will select in the 11th position.

Chicago and Detroit also had the same strength-of-schedule. Their tie for the 14
th and 15th positions was broken by the divisional tiebreaker. Since the Lions defeated the Bears twice in head-to-head competition, Chicago is given priority and will select in the 14th position.

Since Cleveland is not in the playoffs, the Browns (who traded the selection to Dallas) have priority in the draft ahead of playoffs teams with the same record.

Within the tie, non-playoff clubs are given priority over playoff clubs. Priority of playoff clubs within a tied segment will be based on their advancement in the playoffs, but they will not drop out of their tied segment unless they participate in the Super Bowl.

1. Miami Dolphins: Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU. Through Miami. Bill Parcells is a born winner and needs to win immediately. They need a player that will have the greatest impact on their aging defense, Dorsey can do that. They have many needs, but will have Ronnie Brown back next and need to start somewhere. They need to start with their defense.

2. St. Louis Rams: Jake Long, OT, Michigan. The Rams offense struggled this year with the injuries to Orlando Pace and Holt being out for a portion of the games, they need to get a sure pick to help the Rams offensive line. Their once prolific offense is now in shambles. They need to do something to off set the one of the worst defenses in the league.

3. Oakland Raiders: Chris Long, DE, Virginia. Oakland had a real good defense in 2006, but in 2007 they regressed. They have a couple guys getting older, but still serviceable, with the addition of Long, they will be instantly better. With Russell taking the helm at QB, the Oakland Raiders are looking to have a lot of upside. Al Davis wants to get back to him to the glory days, maybe Howie Long's son can do that.

4. Atlanta Falcons: Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas. Atlanta needs a bunch of people, but the right choice here is McFadden. Some say that McFadden is going to be better than Adrian Peterson, I'm a little skeptical, but none the less McFadden is going to be good. Plus with Dunn getting old and their QB situation is messed up (Harrington can't hit a side of a barn), having a 2 back tandem will at least give them some offense. Their offense last year was like watching paint dry.

5. Kansas City Chiefs: Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State. The Kansas City Chiefs need to fill a bunch of holes and I think they need to start with their defense. Larry Johnson was hurt for the good part of the year and I believe Croyle is a good candidate to take over next year at QB. Gholston has elite talent and is a big body that is a great pass rusher. Gholston will make the Chiefs defense better right away. Despite his teams performance, Gholston played real well in the National Championship game.

6. New York Jets: Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky. The Jets need a bunch of personal. I don't think Clemons is the answer and Pennington is out along with Santana Moss. I think the Jets are going to clean house and start over and starting with QB. Their defense is pretty good, so I think starting with the offense is the way to go here.

7. New England Patriots: Dan Connor, LB, Penn State (from San Francisco). It almost doesn't seem fair that the New England Patriots have the 7th pick in the draft, but it goes to show that their front office and their personal are the best in football. Connor will fill in for an aging LB core, that is getting older by the day. This is the only hole that I see for the best single season team ever.

8. Baltimore Ravens: Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville. Now that Billick has been fired, the Ravens can draft a QB that will help them into the future. Boller never really lived up to his potential, Steve McNair is old and cannot hold up for a couple games rather a whole season. McNair is knowledgeable and help a rookie like Brohm. I think Smith could be a good and he did a real good job the last game against the Steelers. The Ravens need a lot of help and last season they lost 7 in a row, and looked pitiful at times. With an aging defense, they need a lot of help.

9. Cincinnati Bengals: Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC. The Bengals have a weak defense and an even weaker defensive of line. Ellis is a solid large body that can help fill up the holes on their run defense. He's quick for a big guy and can penetrate to help this horrible defense. If they can get their defense straightened out then they can take a run at the playoffs. With Chad Johnson rumored wanting to be out at Cincinnati, the Bengals need all the help they can get.

10. New Orleans Saints: Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State. The Saints played real well down the stretch and could of played even better with a solid defense. Jenkins has a nice combo of speed and size that could make him a lock down corner. This will help the Saints greatly. Their only real weakness over the last years has been their pass defense. So picking Jenkins is the best choice at this point in the draft. Another option would be a Kenny Phillips out of Miami. I have always believed that a FS or a SS can be found in the second and third rounds of the draft.


effay said...

Once again, Glenn Dorsey and Jake Long are 100% media hype. Both of these guys along with Adarius Bowman, if he is a first rounder, will be massive busts.

Glenn Dorsey put up all his numbers against Mississippi State (crap team), South Carolina (crap team) & Auburn (went up against a true freshman). In every other game this season he played awful - see the Arkansas & Ohio St. games for proof.

Jake Long has been a liability all year, but he looked like the worst lineman on the field against Ohio St.

Antoine Cason will be a huge steal after 10 and should be a top 5 pick if I'm the GM.

By the way, New England never drafts linebackers.

Tapupartforpres said...

I disagree with Dorsey being media hype. That's what they said about Super Mario, and look at the season he had after the bye week. He is double teamed every play, you just can't look at the stats. You might be right on Long I will take some more looks at him and re-evaluate it soon.

Good point on Cason, I will re-evaluate that soon.

Also, good point about the Pats never drafting LB's (Katenmoyer in 1999, bust) but, who else do they need? I just saw that is their most glaring need. They are all over 30 and you can see them getting burnt with their defensive scheme by the end of the season. Maybe they might pick a safety. My list will always change, check back and thanks for you input, I appreciate it. Man what a team.