Saturday, January 12, 2008

2008 NFL Mock Draft Picks 11-20

11. Buffalo Bills: DeSean Jackson, WR, California. The Buffalo defense was pretty solid for the most part this year, but their offense was a disgrace to Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, and yes even Scott "wide left" Norwood, aka Ray Finkel. They need some help. Lee Evens had his annual resurfacing of being an excellent after bye week, and I think they need a receiver to complement him. With this pick I think the Bills will take the best WR on the board with Jenkins. Dude can out right burn, and would take some pressure of of Evens, which will eventually open up the run game. McGahee is a talent but got stuffed when teams put 8 in the box.

12. Denver Broncos: James Laurinatis, LB, Ohio State. Now I have no idea why the Denver Broncos defense performed the way they did, they got Bly from Detroit and with Champ Baily, I was sure they would of been solid. Well they had a bunch of injuries to Al Wilson and some of their DL. I think that while Cutler is maturing they need a good defense to offset his errors (he did play better at the end of the year). Now I think this prediction depends is Javon Walker (I think he was just pissed because Marshall was getting all the TD's but they doubled him). And if Rod Smith is coming back. Brandon Marshall will be a pro-bowler next year, so they are looking good if they can retain Walker's services.

13. Carolina Panthers: Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida. What happened to this team, what a surprise. I think Del Hommie will be back strong next year, and will have his target receiver Steve Smith at his disposal (I think pound of pound the best receiver in the league). He had an off year because of his QB's injury, and playing with David Carr, man how long does this guy hold onto the ball. He isn't fit to play arena league. So therefore, Harvey can help. The offense will be in good shape, the next thing to do is help a defense that is solid, but with this pick it, Harvey is the best defense on the board. Taking him will help them years to come.

14. Chicago Bears: Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College. Many people do not think he will drop this far, but I think the circumstances with the Jets in their offense, they need a mobile QB. Ryan is not a mobile QB. He will fit in perfect with the Chicago, who needs an QB identity for this team. What the hell happened to them? Well, Grossman sucks and the once good Greasie, can't hit the side of a barn. Ryan is also a good cold weather QB, which we know is inclement in Chicago.

15. Detroit Lions: Kenny Phillips, S, Miami. Where do I start with this team. Martz is out, he knew he had to jump ship. Their defense stinks. They gave up the most points of any team in the NFL. Kitna can predict all he wants, but with the condition of their defense will make this impossible. They could put up the points, well because the had to. With the loss of Bly made it even worse. I think getting Phillips will help instantly.

16. Arizona Cardinals: Rey Maualuga, LB, USC. This guy is strong and fast and would help the Cardinals horrible defense. Their offence performed well but can definitely use a guy like Maualuga. He's fast and has proven that he can hit the holes to plug up the run. He can also play the pass well for a Linebacker. I can't remember a year that the Cardinals has a linebacker than is a game changer. I think with Manaluga he can fill this need for the Arizona Cardinals.

17. Minnesota Vikings: Calais
Campbell, DE, Miami. The Minnesota Vikings are an interesting team going into the 2008 season. They have the best 2 back combo in the league. From this, I don't think their QB Jackson is the answer for them, even though he did play well down the stretch. If Jackson can eliminate his errors, then I think the Vikings offense will be fine. They have a good line and some nice offensive talent. This brings me to their defense. They gave up the most points in the NFL and they stunk up the place in 2007. Imagine how good this team would be with a solid defense. I think with Campbell this will help their plight. He's a big boy 6'7 and can help with their pass rush, getting his hands up to help out the DB's. At this place in the draft Campbell will be their best choice.

18. Houston Texans: Mike Jenkins, CB, South Flordia. The Houston Texans had a respectable season, but some injuries made it impossible to make a playoff run. I think they are set with talent on the offensive side of the board. Even with an aging RB with Green, I think that they will be better served finding someone to help Super Mario (who played great after the first 5 games, I know the Texas were worried). I think Green will be back and am a big fan of Green and Dayne. Growing up in Mike Shannonhan's system, Kubiak can find a running back in the second or third round (see Terrell Davis & Mike Anderson). I think Jenkins can step in and help this defense. Their defense that had one the worst turnover ranking in the NFL.

19. Philladelhpia Eagles: Ryan Clady, OT, Boise St. Some people would say that this pick depends on wheather McNabb is back at Quarterback. Well I disagree. McNabb is always hurt for a reason. The Eagles line has been bad over the last 3 years and even if McNabb leaves they need a good line to protect their talented rookie, Kevin Kolb. I think Kolb will excel in Philly and think McFlab is gone. Never a fan of his. Clady is a big boy at 6'6 317 and possibly is the best pure pass blocker in the NFL Draft. Helping the high powered Boise State team to a bowl bid.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Limas Sweed, WR, Texas. In the playoffs, Joey Galloway was double covered by the Giants and needs some help next year. They gave up the least amount of points in the NFC, so helping with their offense is the only recourse. Sweed has everything NFL teams look for in a No. 1 wide receiver, including ideal size, athleticism and hands. Sweed can solidify his spot in Round 1 with another productive season like he had as a junior in 2006. I think he can be a great possession receiver the Bucs have been lacking since Keyshawn.

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